2019 - Being Robbed - Featured in Melbourne Underground Film Festival 

2019 - Bridget's Story - Indimax Productions corporate video for the Melbourne Children's Hospital featured as a part of the Dandelion Wishes Gala

2018 - At Sixes and Sevens - selected in Cinema Escolar de Alvorada

2018 - Being Robbed - Monthly winner of 'Best Short Screenplay' Changing Face International Film Festival, Sydney 

2018 - At Sixes and Sevens - Semi Finalists Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 

2018 - Being Robbed (Script) - Nominated (runner up) Script and Storyboard Showcase Los Angeles 

2018 - BBQ At High Noon - Semi finalist La Cinefest

2018 - BBQ At High Noon - Featured at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

2018 - Modern Girl Featured in San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival

2018 - Graduated with distinction from Deakin Universities Bachelors of Arts (Film and Television) 

2017- Nominated for Best Producer at the Visionaire film festival

2017- 'At Sixes and Sevens' - Nominated for best film in the Visionaire film festival

2017 -'Bayonet Vs Screw' - Best Production Design - Filmy 72 hour film festival. 


2017- 'At sixes and Sevens' - Selected in the top 10 percent of Deakin University

2016- 'GolfBall' - Selected in Les Films de la Toile (Paris) 

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A student of the Deakin University Film and Television Arts Bachelor. Graduating in 2017. Tim continued to refine his art of storytelling and passion for comedy through the medium of independent short films and found corporate work freelancing in the Melbourne creative industry working with agency and productions companies like toffee studios, Strathmore agency studios a division of channel 9 and more. Working under experienced producers and directors such as Emily Owens, Ben Whimpey, Antonio Railoa and Debbie Hilton. 
From these years of freelancing experiences, Tim managed to secure a full-time role for Indimax Productions as a Junior Producer in 2018. Taking on more and more responsibility by 2019 Tim was Indimax Productions; Creative Director / Producer.  Tim now continues working directly with agency and clients delivering powerful video content, again and again, both as a freelancer and a producer for Indimax Productions.