Corporate videos or documentaries? What is the difference? Working with Tim Bydder as your Producer/ Director the lines will be blurred. 

Corporate videos that Tim produce and direct are authentic, real and genuine. This is because Tim doesn't script his corporate videos, doesn't use actors and doesn't put answers in his interviewee's mouths. 

The process for creating a corporate video with Tim is a simple and stress-free as a conversation. Tim will use his experience as a director in the video production industry to ask the right open-ended questions to get a heartfelt and passionate answer. With direction only about how to express your genuine answers but never changing what you want you to say. 

The corporate videos are then made as engaging as possible through the use of B roll and editing between cameras to make your speech as efficient and engaging as possible. 


Tim has produced 100s of corporate videos and he would love to make his next one yours!

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Phone: 0402 558 245