A Melbourne based freelance director Tim values story, opportunities to be funny and connect with an audience. Working with clients, agency and fellow creative Tim is known as one of the hardest workings in the industry going above and beyond, expectations generating exciting results. 

Tim has a love for all things video but especially satirical comedy. Tim's passion is creating surreal, quirk characters and finding elegant ways to bring them into situations that they don't typically belong. This results in both award-winning short films and corporate videos that stand out. 

Placing a high value on open communication Tim will invite you into his creative process ensuring that the project is progressing on track with budget, timeline and expectations every step of the way.

Camera Operator

Freelance Directing half-day (Up to 5 hours) rate: $300

Freelance Directing full-day (Up to 10 hours) rate: $500 

With discounted rates for creative productions like music videos or short films. and considerations for deferred payment schemes.  

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Phone: 0402 558 245