The beauty of editing in the modern world is you can connect with editors throughout the world. Although based in Melbourne Tim has edited for clients across the globe on projects of all sizes. 

With fast processes, industry-standard software Tim has edited corporate videos, documentaries, short films, music videos, wedding videos, birthday videos and showreels. 

Along with editing Tim can perform basic colour corrections, audio mixing and transition effects. 

As a full-time Creative Director/ Producer Tim also has the industry contacts to take the edit beyond Tim's capabilities if you need an animation, motion graphics, high-end visual effects or colour grading by an external colourist. 

Editing a Movie

Tim's editing process involves 3 rounds of feedback which allows open communication about progress, deadlines and expectations. Beginning with an initial assembly to ensure the content has been sufficiently covered and captured. Then editing to a first draft making requested changes while also making the video as efficient as possible and synching edits to the beats of music or to follow the stories narration. Then a final round to amended any final pieces of feedback and make final touches to the colour grade, audio levels and effects. 

Freelance Editing hourly rate $50 an hour


Freelance Editing Half day (Up to 5 hours) rate: $250


Freelance Editing full-day (Up to 10 hours) rate: $450

With discounted rates for creative productions like music videos or short films and considerations for deferred payment schemes.  

Get in touch now for a free quote/estimate. 

Phone: 0402 558 245