When it comes to video Production we are spoiled for choice. With some many video Production companies, Marketing agencies and freelancers video production work is highly competitive. It's a tremendous shame with client enter the video production industry and have a terrible first experience. From Tim's experience he has found this can happen in a number of ways including a client's expectations not matching the video producers abilities, the budget they are allocating or the brief they have created. Below are the strategies that Tim Bydder uses in a consulting session to eliminate these common mistakes.

Open and transparent budget and expenditure reports. 

Tim is open about his expenditure, providing itemised and detailed proposed budgets. Educating clients about the difference between two different creative approaches costs and the value of a type of crew member, piece of gear or time on set or in post-production. 


Never trust anyone that claims they know everything in the video production industry. No matter how experienced a producer or creative director is there will always be an area of the unknown as they experiment with techniques to achieve a result. Through a combination of guidance from more senior producers in the industry, research and a willingness to experiment and investigate Tim is capable of producing any video production thanks to a large support network, work ethic and silliness to try. 

Video Production is no different from any other industry in that communication is the number one key to success. The first step in any video productions communications is the initial overview/brief. Ensuring that the imagery/ story and video that is in the clients head is spelt out on paper. Or even if you have no idea what the video is going to look life. A consulting meeting with Tim will result in a complete creative direction, plan or even a script that will ensure the video production is consistent with initial expectations. 

First time consulting meeting up to 1 hour is free of charge. Whether you just want to hear more about what Tim can offer or you would like Tim to be present for a marketing meeting for advice and options or for a chance to explain your creative brief to Tim so that he can provide a precise quote. 

These meetings are pressure-free, expense-free and a great opportunity to start a relationship with Tim who can be thought of as an extension of your marketing or communications team. 

Get in touch now to book your free consulting meeting: 

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