Video Production Melbourne. 

A multi-talented creative, Tim offers both a comprehensive service for video production; producing video content for Melbourne clients end to end and also freelance availability for specific roles. Tim has worked across the video production industry with knowledge, skills, experience and availability in the following roles:

Working across Melbourne as a professional Creative Director, Tim Bydder prides himself in his client management. Often working with clients from initially developing a brief or proposal all the way through to final delivery. Clients often invite Tim as a consultant in marketing meetings to advise on what video production needs exist. Click here to read more.

IT Consulting

Honest, reliable and hardworking producers are a valuable asset across the Melbourne marketing, communications and creative industry. Tim Bydder as an award-winning producer constantly delivers projects on time and budget while blowing clients expectations away. Click here to read more. 

Putting your project in the hands of a director requires a tremendous amount of trust. Tim prides himself in his open communication about his creative process. Empowering clients to collaborate, contribute and thoroughly understand the creative direction. With a background in film, directing multiple award-winning short films, Tim has a love of incorporating story into every video to best connect with your audience. Click here to read more.  

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Editing & Post Production

Tim always enjoys being hands-on with every step of the video production process. Even at times handling the editing of a project directly. With a multifaceted background, Tim uses his knowledge in music to make edits cut on the beat so the video is connected to the music. With a background in comedy making multiple award-winning comedic films, he understands when a cut needs to linger for comedic timing, or smash cut for a hilarious reveal. Tim's editing style is sleek, minimalist and doesn't bring attention to itself. Click here to read more.

Every video production is different and unique and consequently very difficult to define and categorise. However, to assist you in finding what you are looking for, below are a few categories of video productions that Tim has produced and directed. You can also click the banner to learn more about Tim's process for each video type. Giving an insight into what it's like having Tim Bydder as your Creative Director/ Producer. 

Corporate videos, talking heads, Vox pops. These video assets have all kinds of names. Tim's preferred title for them is documentary-styled corporate videos. The reason for this is because although the videos have a corporate agenda, Tim creates these projects with a documentary ateur. Establishing authenticity and story. Click here to read more. 

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With options including live action demonstrations, animations, screen recorded app demonstrations, or a combination of everything. Video is one of the most expansive and engaging ways to demonstrate how your software, service or product works. Click here to read more. 

Animations for coporate, as part of a larger series or just for fun. Tim Bydder has the industry contacts, experience and work ethic to produce your animation on budget, schedule and concept. Click here to read more. 

Talking Heads

Mass media is not what it used to be and for good reason. The modern consumer is way to savvy to be fooled by someone shouting SALE SALE SALE at them. Tim Bydder understands the nuanced approach required to create a true connection with your customers and connect your brand with culture. Click here to read more. 

Tim's first success in the video production industry was in writing the multi-award-winning short film "At Sixes and Sevens" which Tim wrote and produced. As a result, it is no wonder why Tim continues to enjoy success writing, producing and directing narrative-based content. With the modern savvy audience, narrative content is not just for the film industry. Wise corporate clients are learning the value of story and content in advertising to connect with their target audience.  Click here to read more. 


Music Videos are the ultimate opportunity for video content creators to show off exactly what they can do. With no rules or restraint on creative content, Tim would love to collaborate with you to best represent your sound, image and story. Click here to read more. 

As a Melbourne-based video producer, Tim specialises in documentaries that have an impact on storytelling and connect with society and culture. Click here to read more. 

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